Driving Tips for Car Renters in ISRAEL


Please read our below recommended tips in order

 acd avoid unnecessary problems during your visit.


1. Driving in Israel is on the right side of the road.

2. Seat belts must be worned at all times by both front and back seats

3. Distances and speed limits are marked in kilometers.

4.   Speed limit 
                                  50 Km/h (31 Miles) in urban areas
                                  90 Km/h (56 Miles) on inter-city roads (Unless otherwise stated).

5. Road signs are normally featured in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

6. Car lights: should be on at anytime throughout the day, between November to end of Mars.

7. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to seat in the front seat (unless they are infants in a safety seat).

8. When hiring a car: drivers should be over 21 years old, holding a valid driving license (for most nationalities there is no need for International Driving License).

9. Crossing the border to Sinai or Jordan with hired cars is not allowed.

10. Before hiring a car: check if your credit card company covers insurance, as some rental companies’ rates include insurance.

11. Parking: Best to use parking lots as blue-white sidewalk marks are not free. Red-white is not allowed to park.

You may also find it’s much easier and cost saving to use “Esay-Park

12. Cellphone: Do not use your Cellphone while driving !!!


                                                                                  ….enjoy yout visit…


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